Heat wave italy 2017

Two dead as 'Lucifer' heatwave holds Italy, eastern Europe in fiery grip

heat wave italy 2017

Heatwave hits Italian capital - AFP

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At least two people have died from the heat - one in Romania and one in Poland - and many more have been taken to hospital suffering from sunstroke and other heat-related conditions. In Albania, firefighters and soldiers struggled to contain as many as 75 forest fires and the country asked the European Union for emergency help. Firefighters were also busy in Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Croatia. With temperatures expected to stay around 40 degrees Celsius into next week, authorities advised people to increase their water intake and Red Cross volunteers across Europe visited the homeless and elderly and other people at risk. Wine growers in Italy have started gathering the grape harvest weeks earlier than usual due to the extreme heat. Carlo Petrini, founder of the Slow Food movement, wrote in La Stampa newspaper that the grape harvest had never started before Aug.

The meteorologists agree: The long hot spell gripping parts of Europe this past week is uncommon. The waves of heat sent temperatures soaring to record highs for several days, caused at least two deaths, kindled wildfires and drove tempers through the roof. In France, people congregated around fountains to bask in the meager sprays, or simply to dive in. In Romania, the police banned heavy traffic on major roads, and trains slowed to a relative crawl. High temperatures this summer have brought punishing heat to regions in the United States like the Pacific Northwest — where generations had shunned air-conditioning — reaching as high as in Seattle and in Portland, Ore. In parts of Asia, like Pakistan , a blast of scorching weather this year also had people there reaching for comparisons to hell on earth as records fell. Here is what our correspondents across Europe reported about the heat on the Continent.

Follow up on the current intense heat wave across the Mediterranean, parts of central Europe and the Balkan peninsula. Italy: 1 Frosinone Italy Giovanni Teatino Italy France: 1 Carpentras France Slovenia: 1 Crnomelj Slovenia

It's about to get even hotter in Italy

The summer of in Western Europe and the Euro-Mediterranean region featured a series of major heat waves. Early August saw a particularly intense heat wave — called "Lucifer" — in southeastern countries. The three day heat event broke numerous records, including several all time highs.

Updated August 05, Swathes of southern and eastern Europe have sweltered in temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius in a heatwave nicknamed "Lucifer", which has killed at least two people across the region. Italy and the Balkans were worst affected, though areas as far north as southern Poland also basked in abnormally hot temperatures, and European weather hub Meteoalarm issued its highest grade "red" warnings for 10 countries.
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After a mid-June heatwave which saw temperatures reaching up to 36C, the start of the week brought relief thanks to winds sweeping in from the north. But the mercury is about to rise again, with perceived temperatures likely to approach 40C according to the forecasters at Meteo. The warm spell is expected to last through the weekend and will be more intense than the previous heatwave, meteorologists said. Between Wednesday and Sunday, temperatures are predicted to be as much as 8C higher than the seasonal average, with the north, centre-west, and Sardinia getting very hot indeed. On Wednesday, temperatures were above 30C across the peninsula and highest in northern inland areas, with Bologna expected to reach 35C by early afternoon.

The entire country is in for a warm week with temperatures gradually on the rise, reaching up to C in some areas, but remaining in the early 30's across most of the peninsula. However, high levels of humidity mean it will feel even hotter, particularly in cities in the inland areas of the Po Valley, centre-south, and Sardinia. Perceived temperatures in those regions could reach 40C, according to the meteorologists at Meteo. It's all down to an anticyclone, currently positioned over Spain and southern France but on its way to Italy where it's bringing sizzling temperatures. Wednesday is likely to be one of the hottest days of the entire summer, with the mercury particularly high in Emilia Romagna, the southern parts of Veneto and Lombardy, and Puglia.

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  1. 13 June CEST+ The mercury has soared in Italy over the past few days, and the heatwave seems to show no signs of letting.

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