Royal opera house don carlo 2017

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royal opera house don carlo 2017

Why Verdi's Otello is an 'Everest' for opera singers (The Royal Opera)

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Please refresh the page and retry. Both the star baritone and soprano scheduled to sing Rodrigo and Elisabetta dropped out a month or so ago, and this week the mezzo-soprano singing the page Tebaldo went down too. The show remains, in other words, under-directed and earthbound. I n purely vocal terms, there was much to enjoy. Ekaterina Semenchuk was a rather mumsy Eboli, but delivered both her arias with firm-toned aplomb. K ristin Lewis, substituting for Krassimira Stoyanova as Elisabetta, revealed an ample and elegant lyric soprano that came beautifully into focus for her big scene in Act V. Nothing can persuade me that the best version of this opera — revised several times by Verdi after its Paris premiere in — is the final one used here, and I very much hope when the time comes soon, please for a new production at Covent Garden, something closer to the French original will be restored.

But the mainspring of the plot recalls Hamlet , as Elisabetta, the woman Don Carlo loves, is forced to marry his father. There is also a conflict on another level, between the King and his Grand Inquisitor over the respective powers of church and state: can Philip be forced to murder his own son? The chilling reply is that a rule which held good for Calvary should also apply here. Only Verdi could have woven these elements into such a seamless and gripping whole. Meanwhile the auto-da-fe has been tamed, and the ending robbed of its mystery. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

These events are part of the Summer season. Monday 29 June , 6pm Main Stage. Friday 3 July , 6pm Main Stage. Tuesday 7 July , 6pm Main Stage. Friday 10 July , 6pm Main Stage. Monday 13 July , 6pm Main Stage. Thursday 16 July , 6pm Main Stage.

This must have introduced considerable turmoil into the preparations and rehearsals, but the end product is glorious. We are all familiar with the usual boy-meets-girl, they-fall-in-love, girl-dies opera plot, but Don Carlo is very different. To add some politics, Dad is the King of Spain, girl is a French princess and the Spanish Inquisition has a very sinister role to play in the proceedings. The American tenor Bryan Hymel is excellent as Don Carlos, bringing a beautiful and powerful voice to a role which he acts with great passion. The music, however, is magnificent. He is in love with Elizabeth of Valois, but his Dad decides to marry her to end hostilities between Spain and France. His duet with Rodrigo German baritone Christoph Pohl is the best known aria from the opera, and one of the most powerful duets for two male singers in any opera, and Hymel and Pohl perform it perfectly.

Don Carlo - Royal Opera House (2017) - Don Carlo - Royal Opera House (2017)

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Don Carlo, Royal Opera House, review: 'under-directed but with much to enjoy vocally'




Nicholas Hytner's production of Verdi's mighty historical opera evokes the passion, . Don Carlo, Royal Opera House, London — disappointingly inert ( ).
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