Sagre lago di garda 2017


sagre lago di garda 2017

Mar 2, These are the boat and ferry timetables valid on Lake Garda during spring, from 1 April to 31 May

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View Photos. Save this listing. Translate this description to English. Apartment located between the morainic hills 10 minutes from Lake Garda and a short distance from the main cities such as Mantua, Brescia, Verona, Trento and Rovereto. This area will offer you different experiences including mountain trekking, horseback riding, lake activities, bike rides, cultural events, village festivals with the opportunity to learn about products made by small local businesses such as: wine, cheese, oil and many others. Read more about the space. Contact host.

On the eastern shore of Lake Garda, where the steep hills of Monte Baldo give way to the gentler morainic landscape, there lies Bardolino, known also for the light and lively red wine named after it. Among the pituresque centres of the Veronese side of the lake Garda, Bardolino is one of the most characteristic and brightest resorts. Thanks to the mild climate, the flora of the lake district is typically Mediteranean: olive-groves, cypresses and vineyards prosper. The first prehistoric settlement in Bardolino evolved during the Roman period and turned into a wealthy town. In the Middle Ages, under the Veronese lords Scaligeri, a castle was built here; two doors and a wall with battlements are still left. The hotel facilities are being continually improved.

Continue reading Eng Ita. Blog Explore Verona and its Region. In Verona and its surroundings there are many local and seasonal events called Sagre di Paese. These Fairs or Festivals aim to celebrate typical local dishes and special gastronomic traditions from the local territory. The countryside of Verona is a very popular area for producing corn, rice and kiwi.

The mild climate, the lake and the fertile hills have always been Bardolino's assets. It was these same resources that caused this territory to be claimed by emperors, monks and noble families who built castles, palaces and monasteries. Throughout the centuries an extraordinary historical and artistic heritage has formed revealed today by the towers and remains of the Scaliger walls, by the beautiful churches small masterpieces of Romanesque art and by the garden parks and Venetian style villas. Today Bardolino has become one of the most renowned Italian tourist resorts. Here you'll find both the modern and the antique. To accommodate tourists in Bardolino and Cisano along the lake and at Calmasino in the hills, there are over fifty hotels, numerous summer residences and a dozen large camping sites.

It is the oldest bird hunting fair in Italy. For the entire duration of the festival, restaurants and the kitchen of the Sagra dei Osei in Cisano association will offer famous local dishes, along with musical evenings and different kinds of entertainment. Taste the memory of long-gone times During the first half of the last century, the area was almost entirely inhabited by peasants. To fight hunger, the farmers also hunted and fished. Fishing was easy on the lake, but hunting was also possible because of a migration route passing through the Garda area.


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