Tor des geants 2017 live

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tor des geants 2017 live

Tor des Geants - Live with Gadin - Borzani, Bosatelli and Nancoz at the arrivals

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The course heads counter-clockwise on the Alta Via 2 along the south side of the Aosta valley for the first half of the race, returning along the Alta Via 1 back to Courmayeur. There are 43 aid stations along the way, along with 6 major life bases, where runners can eat, sleep and obtain medical care if needed, with a cut off time of hours. My friend Jackie had run Tor Des Geants several times. There is a lottery for the race, with a quota system that allows only a certain number of racers from each country to get in. I was lucky enough to get in on my first attempt, so I dedicated the entire year leading up to the race to dedicated training.

Trail 10 races you should run at least once in your life by Safesport ID Sep 6, Events Today we are talking about 10 races that will take you to the most inhospitable places in the world, from going through deserts, to traverse islands and circle mountains, always accompanied by extreme temperatures. These races are only for hardcore-trail lovers. Have you participated in any of these 10 races? If so, tell us your experience in the comments! Tor des Geants is not a challenge for everybody, and many people can spend years trying to get a slot. Kima Trophy is a biannunal race with a 52 kilometres itinerary and metres of vertical drop.

It provides prizes for all participants who complete the run before the cutoff. The start and the finish are in Courmayeur. There are 43 refreshment points at which the runners can eat, sleep and, if needed, obtain medical care. There are also 7 life bases, which are bigger than refreshment points. Because of its difficulty, many athletes do not complete the trail. Around volunteers are used to organize the race.

Ashok Daniel completed the epic km loop in hours, 41 minutes and 49 seconds. Signs like these provide a bit of inspiration to all those who brave the tribulation. Epic, because there are few foot-races that are so demanding. The km loop runs through the Aosta Valley in north Italy and must be completed within hoursessentially, less than a week. This translates to running around 53km a day. But this is a course that climbs along ridges and slopes, through passes and colsand to a maximum altitude of 3,mbefore dropping down to the valley, only to climb yet again.

My love affair with the Tor started almost 7 years ago when I read studies about the race and the whole ambience of the race. At that time I never would have thought it would culminate into me running it one day more like a thing to aspire to for a young ultra runner as it felt so out there. This was essentially like climbing three Everests while running a mile race with very little sleep! You might quit. You might beat yourself up.

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To honour the races' ascension to one of the worlds' premier ultra-endurance races, this year sees the inclusion of two more distances added to the race programme:. Only competitors have been hand-selected to attempt its 32,m of ascent, hoping to complete the course in under hours. Despite this, m of ascent and a maximum altitude of metres commands respect and preparation. The world's greatest ultra-endurance mountain race naturally attracts world-class talent from across the globe. Needless to say, Montane Athletes can rarely resist such a seductive call! A recent addition to the Montane Athlete roster. He should be perfectly conditioned to the distance, elevation, and fatigue.

Tor des Geants - Live with Gadin - Petr Kucera at arrival


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