Sagre campania ottobre 2017

Festivals in Campania in the weekend from 13 to 15 October 2017 | 5 tips

sagre campania ottobre 2017

In Campania, over the weekend from 27 to 29 October , there Festa del Fico Bianco in Giungano, the review of Il Trono di Sagre.

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The autumn period is the perfect one for beginning to participate in very tasty festivals and also in the weekend from 5 to 7 October there will be various festivals in Campania not to be missed. In Ottaviano great expectations for the Beer Festival to try many types of craft beer and more, while in Sant'Antonio Abate back Divin chestnuts , the famous festival dedicated to this delicious dried fruit. The chestnut is protagonist in many dishes also in the Chestnut Festival of the Priest of Ospedaletto d'Aplinolo with a lot good wine and popular music. Finally, the exquisite at Mugnano del Cardinale pig festival , one of the most loved by festival goers. Here are the best festivals in Campania for the weekend.

In Campania, in the weekend from the 29 September to 1 October , the festivals will make you breathe the autumn air. If you want to eat good fish, from octopus kebab to fried fish, we recommend it Fish festival in Positano with music and shows. Those who prefer fish instead of fish, with its penetrating smell and its succulent taste, can not miss the Wild boar festival in Dugenta. Those who are attracted to street food will want to participate in the Street Food Festival in Nola where in addition to lots of fun you can taste regional and national delights. For more information, please read the details of the article.

Here are the tips from the most famous pair of Travelogue: gourmets. Eat the pizza in Naples. For those who, regardless of the place want to eat a good pizza by moving away from the Centre of Naples cannot but go to the Pizza University located in Vico Equense. Finally, if you want to taste a good investment, not only fish soup for dinner but for lunch, go to Pozzuoli at Trattoria da Ciuffiello, never tasted so exquisite fish. Where to eat in Salerno.

This last weekend of October will be full of festivals in Campania with fantastic local products. In weekend from 27 to 29 October , will be the master chestnuts , declined in many preparations, from pasta dishes to desserts. But to accompany them there will also be the black truffle , as in the case of the Bagnoli Irpino festival, and i mushrooms , as for the Roccamonfina festival. In Castelcivita, instead, there will be the festival of the mountain potato and, in the stands, you can taste the potatoes prepared in many ways, even very special. During all the festivals there will be no music, guided tours , excursions, exhibitions , games and, of course, a lot of local wine.

Over the weekend from 13 to 15 October in Campania will be set up tasty and fragrant festivals that will attract visitors from all sides. In the autumn season the chestnut is the most sought after product and this weekend there will be three events: the Wild boar and chestnut festival in San Potito Ultra , the Chestnut and hazelnut Festival of Avella and the Chestnut Festival and the porcini mushroom of Roccamonfina. If you are a big fan of apples annurche we recommend it Apple Festival of the Valle di Maddaloni which provides tastings and shows for young and old. Those who prefer dried fruit will surely appreciate it Scisciano walnut festival with music and dancing. Those who want to know the events in detail can continue with the reading of the article. At San Potito Ultra will take place the traditional Wild Boar and Chestnut Festival where you can taste traditional dishes or scialatielli with wild boar sauce, chestnut and bean soup, roasted chestnuts and various chestnut-based desserts. Visitors they can take walks in the country paths, visit the Dairy Damiano laboratory and craft stands, drink excellent wine and listen to background music.

Festivals in Campania in the weekend from 29 September to 1 October 2017 | 6 tips




Festivals in Campania in the weekend from 27 to 29 October 2017 | 4 tips



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