Nvidia shield tv 2017

Nvidia Shield (set-top box)

nvidia shield tv 2017

NVIDIA Shield TV 2017 Unboxing and Play

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We're now in a world where even supermarket special TVs come bundled with a suite of built-in streaming apps - so why would you need a dedicated media player? Here's why: it's an excellent media streamer on its own, but has gaming features that make it worth the premium price. Let's clear the air for anyone with an original, vintage Shield sat under their telly right now: this new console might be a lot smaller, and come bundled with a redesigned controller and remote in the box that'll play nicely with the Google Assistant in a future update, but this is mostly a cosmetic upgrade, not a technical one. With innards that are almost identical, owners of the previous box can just download a software update instead of splashing out on more hardware. The Shield is one sleek set-top box, housing the same internal tech as the original but in a body that's about 40 per cent more compact. You even get the same ports around the back - mostly.

By Duncan Bell T If you're in the market for a 4K HDR video streamer that can also stream games from both the cloud and your PC, the Nvidia Shield is by far your best option. In fact, it's your only option. So what we're left with is a fantastic bit of hardware that is paradoxically hard to recommend for large chunks of the globe's population. However, with Google Assistant coming 'soon', that could change. And in pure performance terms, it really is a great bit of kit, and just perfect to pair with one of the best 4K TVs to buy. Those of you familiar with the previous Nvidia Shield TV will be aware that it was extremely powerful, rather large, and came with a really ugly joypad and nothing else.

Streaming game options work very well. Hands-free Google Assistant support. Relatively expensive. Streaming games requires a very fast and reliable network connection. The Shield TV is a powerful Android TV-based media streaming microconsole with plenty of gaming tricks and hands-free Google Assistant support to help justify its hefty price tag. We were tepid on the original Shield TV when it was released in

Nvidia Shield TV 2017 review: the best 4K media and gaming streamer you can get

First released in May , the Shield is marketed by Nvidia as a microconsole , emphasizing its ability to play downloaded games and stream games from a compatible PC on a local network, or via the GeForce Now subscription service. As with all other Android TV devices, it can also stream content from various sources using apps, and also supports 4K resolution video.

Nvidia Shield (2nd Gen) review

All things considered, the Nvidia Shield is an excellent streaming box. It's greatly-improved on the first version of the gaming-centric streaming box, which hit the market a few years. There's much better universal search functionality, as well as a much bigger selection of apps. And let's not forget the recently-added Google Home and Assistant support, which has all combined to allow Nvidia's hardware to really shine. So if you've been toying with the idea of checking out Nvidia's already awesome streaming machine, now is the time to do it. Before we delve into the review, let's have a little refresher for those who don't know much about the Shield already.

It's a versatile gaming platform with an improved controller. Voice search and interactivity, from controller or remote, work well. It has Google Assistant. The Bad More expensive than competing streamers. The Bottom Line The Nvidia Shield is better than ever, and the addition of Amazon finally makes it a viable high-end alternative to Roku. Now that it has Amazon Video, the Nvidia Shield is finally a good enough streamer to go toe-to-toe with Roku.

Nvidia Shield TV (2017)

To bring in a little more value Nvidia now includes their very handy remote control as standard, and gave their game controller a much improved overhaul as well. Now before we begin I need to clear up a thing or two. This means that you will received an upgrade towards full Ultra HD HDR compatibility with all the functionality and features the new model has got to offer. Much like the last-gen product for the Nvidia has two models available in the market, the 'regular' version with 16GB internal storage, and also a PRO model GB model. Both units come with that nice Nvidia controller, Nvidia now also includes that much needed remote with the models. There is one distinct difference to be found there.



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  1. NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the essential streaming media player for the modern living room. Thousands of apps. Thousands of games. The most 4K entertainment.

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