Baby boom replay 2017

Baby Boomers upend the workforce one last time

baby boom replay 2017

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We've seen the upcoming wave of Boomer retirements coming for decades, so why is it taking some companies by surprise? The youngest baby boomers are around 55 years old. The oldest are in their 70s. And yet, as boomers enter their final years in the workforce, their retirements are taking companies by surprise. In the next five years, almost three-quarters of the companies surveyed in by Willis Towers Watson, a risk-management and insurance brokerage company, expect to face significant or moderate challenges from late retirements. But because nothing is predictable, a significant share are also worried about early ones. Companies typically said they were more concerned than they used to be about the cost of older workers, and the challenge of replacing the knowledge and skills those older workers will take with them on the way out the door.

The speed of information and technology innovation, as well as the options for consuming both, are growing exponentially. How can we keep up with all of these ever increasing innovations in our industry and the lives of our customers? We need to carefully consider and choose the most relevant options for us. However, making sure our FECs have a compelling dining experience, comfortable seating, and space for groups to socialize is just as important. For all the rush to consume driven by technology, there is also a counter reaction to relax and rejuvenate. According to Trendhunter. Baby boomers grew up with pinball and some with video games.

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The years to define the post-war baby boomer generation, when the United States saw a spike in its birth rate. The American economy flourished and supported larger families, advances in technology made it easier to share ideas and culture, and space exploration took off. Americans born during this period were shaped by a world ravaged by a World War that included unimaginable mass genocide and the atom bomb. The hypocrisy of American freedom and democracy was exposed by African-Americans who stood up against shameful racial injustice and inequality. And just as boomers were coming of age into adulthood, drafts for the Vietnam War began. This timeline looks at events and people that made the news in each year of the boomer generation.


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  1. For these members of the unofficial sorority of Bachelorette alumnae, embracing motherhood has meant a distinct change of pace from their reality-TV days.

  2. It's odd the way that the comedy Baby Boom has been forgotten in the three decades since its debut.

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