Sagra della salama da sugo 2017

Vigarano Mainarda

sagra della salama da sugo 2017

Intervista Lauro Zironi - Presidente del Comitato Promotore della Salama da Sugo


The salama da sugo has ancient origins dating back to the Este court: this typically Ferrara dish consists of a casing in which is inserted a paste composed of various parts of pork and spices. After ten months of curing this typical Ferrarese dish should be put to boil for eight to ten hours and finally is consumed together with copious mashed potatoes. Request information for the following property. Request information Add apartments that interest you. La salama da sugo Salama da Sugo The salama da sugo has ancient origins dating back to the Este court: this typically Ferrara dish consists of a casing in which is inserted a paste composed of various parts of pork and spices.

Festival of the Salama da sugo from Buonacompra. Home > Events > Province of Ferrara > Ferrara editorial staff > Sagra della Salama da Sugo I.G.P. Date: the event will be held from Sep 29, to Oct 15, every Friday.
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Festival of the Salama da sugo from Buonacompra. Festival dedicated to the queen of Ferrara tables with a food stand offering the typical "salama da sugo" sausage. The first records on the salama da sugo date from the 15th century, with a letter by Lorenzo il Magnifico to Ercole II d'Este. A short poem, written in and entitled "Salameide" is dedicated to this delicious dish. The salama is an unusual mixture of pork meat with spices and red wine, sometimes enriched with Marsala wine or Brandy, which acquires its unmistakable taste after a long seasoning period, during which it remains either hanging from the ceiling or "resting" under the ashes in a cool, airy and above all dark room. The writer and great gourmet Mario Soldati said that the salama "alone was a satisfactory and extremely filling meal".

The days begin to be inexorably shorten, slowly returning to our rhythms, leaving us behind the summer and all the serenity of summer holidays. This warm August came to an end, giving us the memories of a beautiful summer, ready for a new autumn and all the food and wine products of that season with yellow and red tints. One of the most popular and certainly most famous products of our region is undoubtedly the grapes. This can be tasted like delicious fruit at the end of the meal or transformed into the sweetest vinegar nectar. All the different locations along Via Emilia are ready to celebrate the arrival of September with a series of events dedicated to wine. I tre giorni del Sangiovese ó FC sett.

La salama da sugo

Sagra della salamina da sugo di Madonna Boschi

Autumnís taste: the food events of October

On the 22nd of September Autumn officially begun, bringing the first cold, a few grey clouds, its thousand colors and making us quickly forget the summer heat and the hard work done to be ready for swimsuit. Click HERE for the complete list. Although its origins are still uncertain, it is certain that the salama has its roots in the territory of Ferrara and that the Este dukes greatly appreciated it. The Buonacompra Festival offers musical evenings, fishing competitions and, of course, a gastronomic stand completely dedicated to Salama. During these weekends we can also find many other Romagna traditional dishes, such as the famous piadina, frogs in stews, cuttlefish with peas and much more.

Member of the Italian National Network. The territory covered by the Municipality of Vigarano Mainarda is made up of two main inhabited areas, Vigarano Mainarda and Vigarano Pieve, which have ancient origins, earlier even than the city of Ferrara. There is evidence for this place names of Roman origin, which indicate a demographic grouping formed within a large estate holding that took the name of the owner, probably called Varius. In that period, economical resources were mainly based on agriculture. However we have evidence of the presence of a trade along the River Po and Reno.





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