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rosso come il sangue

The story takes place in the italian city of Turin. A roman boy loses his mind for a cancer-sick girl. He will do everything as possible to make her fall in love with.

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English Plot Leo is a typical sixteen-year-old: he likes to chat with friends, play foosball, joyride on his scooter and listen to his iPod. School is agonizing to him. Leo feels he possesses the strength of a lion but is held back by a terrifying nemesis: the colour white. Everything in his life that represents deprivation and loss is white. On the other hand, red is the colour of love, passion, and blood; red is the colour of the girl of his dreams, Beatrice. Eventually, Leo discovers that she has an illness related to the colour white.

Sign in. See the list. Title: White as Milk, Red as Blood A southern italian singer moves to Milan to have more chances with his career, bringing with him a little bit of South. Youth detention centre.

This time, the director tells the story of Leo, going through a delicate phase of transition from childhood to adulthood. Leo is played by rising star Filippo Scicchitano Scialla! Beatrice has leukaemia and only has a short time to live. Leo declares his love just in time, and will do everything to save her, with dear friend Silvia Aurora Ruffino , a special and illuminating teacher Luca Argentero and his parents Flavio Insinna e Cecilia Dazzi by his side. Laughter and tears, pain and joy, football and Dante Alighieri: the chaotic universe of Leo, finding a balance with life, moves in between opposites, his messed up hair, and loud music. His dreams, tinted in red, should conquer the youngest of spectators, giving an older audience a few moments of tenderness.

Leo, this year-old boy infatuated with this young woman named Beatrice, learns she has leukemia. With learning that, he does whatever he can in order to make her happy and possibly save her. All the while, his best friend, who has loved him since the 8 th grade watches in jealousy.
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Leo is an ordinary sixteen-year-old: He loves hanging out with his friends, playing soccer, and zipping around on his motorbike. The time he has to spend at school is a drag, and his teachers are "a protected species that you hope will become extinct," so when a new history and philosophy teacher arrives, Leo greets him with his usual antipathy. But this young man turns out to be different. His eyes sparkle when he talks, and he encourages his students to live passionately, to follow their dreams. Leo now feels like a lion, as his name suggests, but there is still one thing that terrifies him: the color White.

Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue (film)

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  1. White as Milk, Red as Blood is a Italian romantic comedy-drama film directed by Giacomo Retrieved 2 April ^ Carola Proto (3 April ). " Bianca come il latte, rossa come il sangue - la recensione del film". ComingSoon.

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