Crocchette di patate salentine

Crocchette di patate - Picture of Blues Remember Food Salento, Nardo

crocchette di patate salentine

Queste crocchette gustosissime, possono sostituire un pasto completo, essere servite come gr di patate (Sieglinde del Salento) gr di.

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In occasione delle vacanze abbiamo deciso di concentrarci sui 10 migliori panzerotti fritti del Salento , basso e alto, per quanto parziali e ingenerose per definizione possano essere le classifiche. Per maggiori informazioni e aggiornamenti su Salento: i 10 migliori panzerotti fritti inserisci la tua email nel box qui sotto:. Ho letto e acconsento l' informativa sulla privacy. Acconsento al trattamento di cui al punto 3 dell' informativa sulla privacy. Agrodolce racconta i luoghi e le persone del buon mangiare e del buon bere. Controlla la nostra Email ogni giorno e dicci se ci riusciamo.

In my opinion, this plate is incredibly delicious. It is a good recipe for an appetizer that is known in the Salento region of Italy, the southern heel. It is common in Salento to have if you want something light but filling and is known to be very refreshing for a first small plate before your main course during the summer. You can make this dish for any occasion. Trust me, these will want you craving more after just one bite! This recipe is so fun to do because, it is easy to make, it does not take too much time, and when finished is so delicious and refreshing to the palate.

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The joys of living in a small town in Puglia are many, and you soon acquire your favourite places to eat and drink. Generally, meals are so affordable that you tend, like the locals, to eat out a lot and, no matter how delicious the food, it is easy too get a bit jaded. The restaurant is situated in a charmingly medieval looking courtyard, filled with flowers, in the maze of streets opposite the castle. The difference shows. This is not, as is often the case in Puglia, excellent home cooking, which can be fantastic but often patchy if the cook is having a bad day. The crocchette di patate are crispy on the outside, soft in the middle and flavoured with mint and cheese, other deep fried delicacies are light as a feather and often come with a twist. A delicious stewed octopus polpo dish often appears as a dish of the day, as do mussels — the advantage of the rotating menu is that the ingredients are always super fresh.

CROCCHETTE DI PATATE - Picture of Gastronomia Koine, Martano

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