Bbc pashto news afghanistan

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bbc pashto news afghanistan

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One of the most popular news broadcaster of the world BBC has an online radio station dedicated for the listeners of Afghanistan for a very long time as BBC Pashto. The radio covers all the topics, style and info its parent radio does. With BBC Pashto you can enjoy all types of news, news analysis, discussion and much more for the people of Afghanistan. BBC Pashto official website address is www. If the Radio is extremely choppy and stops every 5 seconds, try listen to this Radio at different time. Not all Radio Stations function for 24 hours everyday.

With a savage war raging in the mountains between tens of thousands of foreign soldiers and a rag-tag army of guerrillas striking out in night-time raids, here was something new: impartial news and information in the Pashto language spoken by tens of millions of people in Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan. It was, not, however, today's conflict between foreign troops and guerrillas in the mountains of Afghanistan that greeted this ground-breaking programme. The Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan a year and a half earlier, and the country was by then engaged in a full-fledged war between 85, Soviet troops and the Mujahidin resistance that had formed to try to expel the foreign soldiers and the pro-Soviet client regime they had installed in Kabul. In the three decades since then, the people of Afghanistan have known a few constants, among them uninterrupted war and deprivation - as well as the BBC broadcasting daily in their main languages to help them make sense of what is going on around them. From its modest beginnings of 15 minutes a day on shortwave, the BBC's Pashto programme is now part of a hour-a-day integrated stream of BBC radio just for the people of Afghanistan across a network of FM stations, AM transmissions, as well as shortwave - today a multilingual offer in Pashto, Dari, Uzbek, and even English at night.

Please refresh the page and retry. But while the popular radio soap opera may be the brainchild of a former BBC journalist originally from Surrey, its setting is a long way from the English countryside. With a mixture of lively drama and public information messages, the soap, called Da Pulay Poray in Pashto, has built a huge following. Listened to by millions in one of the world's last haunts of the polio virus, it is now at the front line of trying to eradicate the crippling disease. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria are the only countries where polio is still endemic and efforts to finally stamp it out are hampered by widespread conspiracy theories about polio vaccine drops. A character from a more adventurous era, Mr Butt has lived in the region for nearly 50 years, after becoming captivated by it as a young man on the hippy trail.

BBC Pashto TV, Naray Da Wakht: US Peace Envoy Reiterates Support For Afghan .. BBC Pashto TV, Business News: Afghan Glass Factory Built But Not Active.
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BBC is covering Afghanistan for over decades. It is covering the Afghan conflict, social, cultural, economical, political and other issues from different angles. The corporation is popular among Afghans by its acronym. The program has gained popularity in short time. Speaking about the program, Multimedia Editor of the BBC Afghan service Emal Pasarly said that balanced approach to news coverage is key to understanding between people. AT: In how many countries exactly the new program is broadcasted or watched excluding Afghanistan and Pakistan? How, you are dealing with this problem?

BBC Pashto

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BBC reporter's terrifying days amid Taliban assault on Ghazni

Initially, the service only broadcast radio programmes - mainly News and current affairs, however, it later expanded by introducing entertainment slots, long form, features, magazines, hard talk and interactive shows such as Stasy Ghag Your Voice which is still very popular among its audience. In recent years they have expanded their presence on the social platform. On January the 20th , the section began its minute daily news bulletins - Aired via its partner station in Afghanistan Shamshad TV , the bulletin soon became popular and had a weekly audience of around 1. Ismail Miakhail was the launch producer and Emal Pasarly is the editor. The new vibrant, hard-hitting live programme provides Pashto speakers with in-depth reporting, analysis and interviews. It also has a weekly interactive segment, Staso Ghazh Have Your Say , containing live phone-ins, social media round ups, comments, video, pictures and audio content from viewers. The programme is presented by lead anchors Sana Safi and Amanullah Atta.


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