Eddie murphy mr white

FUNNY: Eddie Murphy Goes Undercover As A White Man (VIDEO)

eddie murphy mr white

Watch Saturday Night Live highlight 'White Like Me' on metadayspavictoria.com

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It will be his first time back at the show in 30 years. Anybody was says different is making a racist argument. But before his movies took a turn for the mediocre-at-best, Murphy was a sensation. So he deserves a pass on that aspect. The show would absolutely have gotten canceled. There were really no stars.

But I feel like I should put it down in print one final time, to sort of put the bow on it and move on. That way, when the aliens come looking for some mildly amusing anecdotes to take back to their planet when they blow ours to smithereens, this one will be primed and ready to go. When I finally came up with my Hollywood Minute sketch, as previously recounted in great and probably excruciatingly boring detail, it was a huge relief to me. I needed something to stick. Because he always killed. The bit was working and now the cast and other writers were baiting me, daring me to go after certain people.

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Eddy Murphy transforms into a white man to find out the inequalities between white and black Americans. Login to add a comment. Category: Documentary. Published: 12 years ago. Views: ,

Eddie Murphy has been open about how much he owes his career to Richard Pryor. Here, the tables are predictably turned, and you can guess what the joke will be long before it plays out. Having not seen this sketch in years, I was struck by the faux seriousness of the beginning. Eddie sets up the premise without smiling in an empty hallway before he heads into a makeup room to dramatic music. Almost all of what he does in his white guise is simply react. The bank scene completes the triptych, with Murphy going from merely being present for freebies and luxury to actually trying to take out a loan. Many of the zillions of jokes hacky jokes in the comedy world about how boring and uptight white people are carry with them the subtext of a culturally barren class trapped in their own stifling privilege.

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