Ivan koloff vs bruno sammartino

WWE champion Ivan Koloff, the man who beat Bruno Sammartino, dies at 74

ivan koloff vs bruno sammartino

The “Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff was another top contender who grappled Sammartino numerous times and came close to victory, but Bruno was.

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Perras was born in Montreal, Quebec , Canada and raised on a dairy farm in rural Ontario along with his six brothers and three sisters. Since first watching professional wrestling on TV at the age of eight, he wanted to become a wrestler, and would often wrestle with his brothers growing up. At age 18, he left high school and joined Jack Wentworth's wrestling school in Hamilton, Ontario , where he would lift weights and learn wrestling holds. Perras debuted as an Irish rogue villain character named Red McNulty, billed from Dublin, Ireland and wrestling with an eyepatch. There, Perras acquired much wrestling experience, and from there he made his first trip to Japan. Koloff lost the championship 21 days later to Pedro Morales , essentially being used as a " transitional champion " as he was used to move the title from Sammartino to Morales without having the two fan favorites work against each other , much like Stan Stasiak and The Iron Sheik would be in later years. After the loss, Koloff remained a contender for the title but never reclaimed it, leaving the WWWF in

"The Night the Garden Went Silent", the latest editorial by Mark Madden recalling the night Bruno Sammartino Lost the Title to Ivan Koloff!.
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World Wide Wrestling Federation, — Bruno Sammartino was amidst what remains to be the longest WWE World Championship reign in history, and was legitimately one fo the highest paid athletes in sports. The then WWWF was enjoying a record number of sellout crowds at the legendary Madison Square Garden as fans piled in to see the Italian legend defeat villain after villain. It was one of the most shocking events in pro wrestling history that literally left the audience in silence. Relive the moment below. It was the first and only pinfall loos Bruno suffered in Madison Square Garden during his entire career. March 2,

Bruno Sammartino vs. Ivan Koloff

Many of the WWE's younger fans may not know all that much about Sammartino. The quick run-down is this: Sammartino was the second WWE champion ever crowned. Sammartino would go on to hold the title until Jan.

Throwback Thursday: Ivan Koloff Beats Bruno Sammartino

There, he held the WWF World Heavyweight Championship WWF Heavyweight Championship during his second reign for more than 11 years 4, days across two reigns, the first of which is the longest single reign in the promotion's history at 2, days. When the Sammartinos arrived in the U. He turned to weightlifting and wrestling to build himself up. Olympic team, which went instead to eventual gold medalist Paul Anderson. In , Sammartino set a world record in the bench press with a lift of pounds, done without elbow or wrist wraps.

Skip to main content. Top challengers such as Gorilla Monsoon, Professor Toru Tanaka, Hans Mortier, The Sheik, Ernie Ladd and dozens of others took the champion to the height of physical limits, yet he was able to endure and proudly keep the championship that proclaimed his supremacy. Watch every WWE Title change in history! The buzz around the business was that Bruno was going into the match with an injury. In the dressing room area, with my audio tape recorder running, I approached Bruno to ask him about his condition. As I walked towards him, I was stopped by his manager, Arnold Skaaland, who requested that I talk to Bruno after the match. This sealed my feeling that something indeed was wrong as Bruno and Skaaland had always been gracious to grant me an interview, pre- and post-match.

Ivan Koloff at Madison Square Garden. Folks knew they were in for an epic encounter, were primed, and when that inevitable lock up and test of strength happened, our hearts raced with excitement and delight. In those kayfabe pre-Internet days, to say folk were shocked would be an understatement. A few even cried. And although Ivan Koloff lost the belt a mere three weeks later to Pedro Morales in the very same arena, he would ultimately headline that hallowed venue an amazing 13 times, making him arguably, with the exception of Superstar Billy Graham, the biggest WWF heel draw of the modern era. And he repeated that accomplishment during his territory-wide run versus Bob Backlund when on August 28, , a double main-event of Ivan Koloff vs. Backlund and Superstar Graham vs.




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