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These are just some of the statistics that underline the cultural and economic importance of the "Auto and Moto d'Epoca" show, which has now been one of Europe's top events dedicated to the passion for classic cars for 35 editions. At Fiera di Padova exhibition centre, visitors will be treated to atmospheric impressions of the past viewed through the lens of the present, with one eye on the future of this fantastic world. This fusion of eras makes Auto e Moto d'Epoca an event that appeals to all generations, inspiring all those who take part. A blend of culture, lifestyle, technology and design to which FCA Heritage is also contributing, with a stand - in Hall 1 - presenting two new services launched by Alfa Romeo Classiche: Authenticity Certification and Restoration. With the Tuscan rock star at the wheel, the car took part in the Mille Miglia as a member of the official FCA Heritage contingent.

While most of these were average, prompting us to remark that knowledge has never been as crucial as it currently is if you want to avoid bad purchase, some pieces were real gems, difficult to find in their current condition. The event provided confirmation, once again, that Italy is still a place where it is possible to find treasures tucked away in garages. The only thing that has changed over the years is their age: whereas these wonderful discoveries were once s or s cars, the treasures coming to light today tend to be more modern cars, 20 or 30 years old: one case in point was an immaculate Alfa Romeo GTV V6 3. Highlights among the classics included a totally preserved, two-owner Ford Capri 1. One very rare survivor among the vehicles offered for sale was a Fiat Multipla Coriasco Pick-Up, in need of extensive recommissioning.

More than 5, cars for sale: at Auto e Moto d'Epoca in Padua, collectors and aficionados can find the most extensive offering of vintage cars in Europe and.
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Torino, c. Torino, via Cavour 7 Telefono: luxurysportvintagewatches gmail. La passione per le auto e per le moto d'epoca ci porta nel ad aprire a Torino lo show-room di Corso San Maurizio, Un luogo che completa idealmente il nostro percorso sul collezionismo e sull'investimento in oggetti rari e ben conservati, partito dagli orologi e giunto ai veicoli vintage, dove il piacere di possedere un gioiello d'epoca diventa un'esperienza esclusiva. Luxury sport vintage watches nasce dopo 25 anni di collezionismo di orologi vintage e moderni, offrendo un'ampia gamma di orologi molto selezionati, rari e da investimento. Il nostro negozio su Chrono Vintage Cars.

October 24 - 27, Fiera di Padova, Padova, Italy. Cars and motorcycles of yesterday and today, a place where culture, costumes, technology, design, permormance blend in one place Epoca develops every year thanks to the frequentation of visitors and the deployment of new and old models. The values and history of car manufacturers are today a heritage shared by all motorists. Knowing that behind a new model, there are decades of research, innovation, success is a fascinating experience for anyone who drives or drove a car or a motorcycle. During your visit you will be immersed in the past, in the present but also in the future.

Padua is located on the Turin-Trieste railway line and is therefore well served and easy to reach by train. It is 2 hours from Milan, 1 hour and a half from Bologna and only 20 minutes from Vicenza and Venice, cities from which there are frequent connections with the railway line to and from Rome. Marco Polo Airport Tessera www. From there you can get to Padua by shuttle bus and train from Verona shuttle bus from the airport to Verona station - first buses at 5. Last bus at

Auto e Moto d'Epoca 2019


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