West coast customs discovery

West Coast Customs

west coast customs discovery

West Coast Customs is an automobile repair shop focusing on the customization of vehicles. . Along with this change, it was also moved to Discovery HD Theater, which later became a different specifically automotive related cable channel.

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West Coast Customs was founded by auto enthusiast Ryan Friedlinghaus in the s. Ryan had been customizing vehicles from a young age, and his work had been featured on the covers of many car magazines by the time he was just A growing frustration with dealing with many different specialty shops combined with his love of custom cars prompted him to open his own shop. This development took his business to a whole new level and made him somewhat of a celebrity himself. He and his crew continue to show off their work for the cameras up to this day. If you're familiar with West Coast Customs, you'll know that they've done some jaw-dropping customizations on all sorts of vehicles.

The series revolves around car customizer Ryan Friedlinghaus and his staff at West Coast Customs as they transform ordinary, factory-model vehicles into extraordinary, fully customized vehicles. The show has featured cameo appearances by celebrities that include Shaquille O'Neal , Mark Wahlberg , will. The first season of Inside West Coast Customs consisted of 11 episodes which originally aired in The second season's 16 episodes followed in The third season had a production run of five episodes which were originally broadcast from February to March Inside West Coast Custom s is now showing its 8th season in

In each episode, West Coast Customs founder Ryan Friedlinghaus and his team revamp an ordinary vehicle to make it a one-of-a-kind drive for celebrities and corporations. With the launch of the new Virgin Gaming site premiering at E3, Sir Richard Branson teams up with West Coast Customs to transform an armored vehicle into a luxurious gamers lounge. A Hummer is known for it's superior off raod performance, but after West Coast Customs is done with it, this Hummer will be known as the ultimate PC gamers vehicle at Comic Con.
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West Coast Customs abbreviated by the company [8] as WCC is an automobile repair shop focusing on the customization of vehicles. It was started by co-founders Ryan Friedlinghaus and Quinton Dodson in Besides celebrities, West Coast Customs has also created vehicles for global brands such as Virgin , [9] Nintendo , [10] and Microsoft. After a long history of different locations within the U. According to two contradictory statements in the Los Angeles Times , West Coast Customs was founded in either or [1] by auto enthusiast Ryan Friedlinghaus. In a article, USA Today put the foundation year as

Latest episode. Ryan thinks it's going to be an easy job - Sriracha colored paint and a pepper-filled steering wheel. But it's never easy creating one of a kind masterpieces. A huge four-day event held in Las Vegas with everyone who's anyone from the car world attending. A lot of vendors have large booths, but none bigger than West Coast Customs. E A Wild Ride The marketing team at Kmart want to create a mobile experience for the entire family using virtual reality that can travel to Kmart's across the country.



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  2. West Coast Customs was created as a result of Ryan Friedlinghaus' love of cars the return of ?INSIDE WEST COAST CUSTOMS to Velocity/Discovery Channel.

  3. Original network, Discovery, Fox Sports 2, Motor Trend. Picture format, HDTV: i. Audio format, Dolby Surround. Original release, February 20, April 10, (). External links. Website. Inside West Coast Customs is a car remodeling reality television show based in Burbank.

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