Things we won t say about race that are true

The Times – “Things We Won’t Say about Race That Are True” Review

things we won t say about race that are true

Directed by Vicki Cooper. With Trevor Phillips, Tony Blair, Ann Cryer, Nigel Farage. British documentary on race in the modern world.

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By Tom Rowley. Once, as head of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips was derided as a poster boy for political correctness. These days, he seems to revel in controversy. He ought to know. What made this assault on our national self-censorship so liberating was that it was presented by the very man who had made many of these topics verboten in the first place. Phillips and other campaigners long believed that if they could force people to stop sounding prejudiced, they would soon stop believing such prejudices, too.

He thinks that preventing people from expressing prejudiced ideas might not have been the best way to stop them thinking them. Because after years of hard labour and New Labour, racism still exists. Had we but world enough and time — and sufficient beta-blockers to get us through it — we could examine the strengths and weaknesses of his argument here, again, as has been done in papers of every political hue this week in the run-up to broadcast, but alas, life and space are short, so let us concentrate on its strengths and weaknesses as a documentary. It asked a lot of questions and threw up many more. Is Ukip full of racists or of people unjustly abandoned by successive governments as uncongenial to their ideological projects?

Republish our articles for free, online or in print, under Creative Commons licence. The fact that Farage thinks this way no doubt merits discussion. But all in all, I was left feeling that the analysis put forward by Phillips was unconvincing. For me, the problem started early on. It actually focused on discussion about cultural and ethnic difference. It offered little to the actual discussion Phillips thinks we need to have, which was mostly about ethnicity.

Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True

He argues that this "political correctness" stops us telling a number of truths about race and racism and goes on to suggest that this is why there has been a growing UKIP style backlash. Phillips sets up a parody of multiculturalism, a straw man that he then proceeds to burn down with great delight, but achieves little apart from to distract our attention from the real issues that need to be addressed — the structural and institutional racism that continue to infect all of our institutions in the UK. His critique of multiculturalism is based on a confused and confusing notion of integration and his underlying philosophy reinforces a kind of racist essentialism that is a large part of the problem rather than its solution.


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