Never give up traduzione

Future – Red Lihgt, Traduzione in italiano

never give up traduzione

Traduzione di “Never Give Up” Inglese, Swahili > Inglese, testi di Harmonize ( Rajab Abdul Kahali, Konde Boy).

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Never Give Up (traduzione in Inglese)

Traduzione di “never” — Dizionario inglese-italiano

The English version of our web site is under construction. If you find any mistakes, please let us know. Thanks to this innovative idea, authors and translators will be able to collaborate in the translation of books , novels and all kind of literary works, sharing the sales proceeds evenly. In the same way, it will be possible for the authors to create the audiobook version of their works. We do not offer an automatic translation service nor a synthesized computer voice narration but a work done by real translators and by real narrators. This idea stems from the need of many writers to spread their works all over the world. Writing and selling in the country of origin isn't complicated at all.

Che tristezza e nostalgia sentire la voce di Whitney Houston in un nuovo brano. Fa tornare alla mente le mille emozioni che avrebbe potuto regalarci e che, purtroppo, non potremo mai sentire. Kelly come cantata al funerale della cantante, celebrati lo scorso 18 febbraio. Till you get it right, tell em you will never quit tell em you will never quit until they day you get it right, till you get it right, hold your hand to the sky look em right in the eye, tell em you will never quit until the day you get it right till you get it right tell em you will never quit, until the day you get it right till you get it right, hold your hand to the sky look em right in the eye, tell em you will never quit until the day you get it right. Single mother, two jobs, workin her fingers to the bone putting her daughters mouth before her own she's gotta do it, but she's still feeling like there's something deep inside that she can't leave behind she won't let go of it, no matter how many times she hears it over with, it's all fixed in her mind that it's gonna get better and she won't ever hang her head again, break a sweat again, never again. Chorus: Never never give up, never never give up, no matter how many times, somebody tells you it ain't working Never never give up, never never give up, hold your head tot he sky, look them right in the eyes tell you will never quit until the day you get it right Never never give up, never never give up, even though some days you'll have to cry, shake it off and know that everything will be alright as long as you never never give up, never never give up. College student, paying her own way, working the club at night look what she go through, to stay in law school so maybe one day, she can make her way in a man's world and never be called just another girl it ain't nothing like a dream you can't see even when the people round you don't believe but in the twelfth round, when you're against the ropes, here comes your last minute miracle, you've got to know to.


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