Canon ixus 95 is review

Canon Digital Ixus 95 IS review

canon ixus 95 is review

May 19, The Digital IXUS 95 may be pretty, and it may be a Canon, but if you've got around ? to spend and all you ask is a megapixel sensor and.

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Elias Plastiras. It's useful if you just want to take quick snapshots when you're at the pub or at a party, but don't expect great image quality. The Canon IXUS 95 IS is a small and fun to use compact digital camera that's best suited for situations where you don't want to lug something big and heavy around. It's perfect for parties, clubs and concerts, but it doesn't give you full control over your shots; you'll have to put up with the automatic settings that it selects for you. As such, don't expect great image quality out of this camera. It's a megapixel camera with a mm zoom lens and it uses the DIG! C 4 image processor.

In fact its front plate is identical to the 80 IS, with a resolution hike from 8 megapixels to ten the most obvious change. Canon seems to be one of the last bastions of optical viewfinders on compacts, and here one is included for shot composition along with a 2. That said, the optical viewfinder is so small and murky most won't bother with it. What Canon seems to have stopped doing however is including a memory card with its compacts. OK, that's paltry by today's 32GB SDHC standards, but at least it meant users were up and shooting after unloading the camera from the box and charging up the battery. Here there's not even an internal capacity to fall back on, so — like the vast majority of the competition — investing in a SD or SDHC card at the time of purchasing the camera is a must. Annoyingly, but not unexpectedly, the full manual is only included on CD ROM, with a heavily abbreviated quick start guide the only hard copy provided.

This petite beauty measures a mere 86 x 55 x 22 mm and weighs grams. The camera's built for the style conscious, a fact that's accentuated by the colors it's available in - silver, orange, gray, blue and pink. The camera's body's ergonomically curved to make it convenient to carry, and look sleek at the same time. The front side's covered by a panel in the aforementioned colors with a high-quality scratch resistant paintjob, while the rest of the body's a dull silvery gray. The power button and shutter release are on top, which is encircled by a zoom toggle ring. The back of the camera has a toggle to move between full auto, program and movie mode, along side a preview button. Below that is the navigation D-pad, and the display and menu buttons.

Canon's Ixus models have spent more time at the top of our A List than any other brand. And despite a wobble last year when they were knocked off by Sony, the Ixus 95 sees Canon regain its crown. It's clearly been focusing more on the design and usability of the Ixus instead of just stuffing in more megapixels. Build quality is lovely, with a solid but satin-slinky feel in the hand. It's super-compact too, giving the ultra-small Ixus a good run for its money with a thickness of just 22mm along with credit-card-sized width and height.

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS Review – Pink!

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS review apzvalga

Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS

The Good Optical viewfinder. Very crisp, sharp photos. Fast and responsive to start-up and shoot. The Bad Chromatic aberration is quite pronounced. A larger screen would have been nice.

Available in a range of different colours, it has a youthful feel. However, it's built around a stainless steel body with rather nicely curved edges and sits neatly in the hand. While it's great to be able to zoom in on a subject, we found this one of the weaker features of the IXUS. The buttons on the back of the unit sit flush with the body, so can be awkward for anyone with slightly large thumbs to access easily. They offer the standard array of functions and there is a neat switch allowing you to change modes from Still to Movie or Review on the fly. One of the things we liked about the IXUS was its ease of use. The menu system is extremely straightforward and getting the best from the device is easy.

The Good Design and finish; simple operation; inclusion of an optical viewfinder. The Bad Zoom range; mediocre lens quality; expensive compared to rivals. It's a lovely thing to look at and use, but despite the sheen of technology the results are average.


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  1. May 25, The Canon Digital IXUS 95 IS (also know as the Canon PowerShot SD IS) is a 10 megapixel entry-level compact camera. Inheriting the classic IXUS design, the Canon 95 IS' key features include a 3x zoom lens with Optical Image Stabilization, a inch LCD screen, DIGIC 4.

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