Wuthering heights song kate bush

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’

wuthering heights song kate bush

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (New Vocal) (HD)


It appears on her debut album The Kick Inside. It stayed at number one on the UK Singles Chart for four weeks, and remains Bush's most successful single. The song received widespread critical acclaim, with Pitchfork naming it the fifth greatest song of the s. A remixed version, featuring rerecorded vocals, was included on the greatest hits album The Whole Story. This version also appeared as the B-side to her hit " Experiment IV ". Bush wrote the song aged 18, within a few hours late at night on 5 March It quotes Catherine's dialogue, including the chorus lyric "Let me in!

Most artists would be forgotten in that time, but with Kate the heart only grew fonder. Bands put records out and go on tour to promote them, Kate Bush deals only in life-changing and life-enhancing events. EMI spent two years preparing her for the limelight, and in that time paid for her to have dance lessons with Lindsay Kemp, who also famously mentored Bowie in mime and, it was said, became his lover. Those famous moves that helped launch Kate to superstardom had also partly inspired Ziggy Stardust. Kate is 57 now, and Emily would be if she was alive today. Spooky huh? The single surpassed all expectations; charting in , it rose to no.

The first few seconds of the video are usually enough to stun the classroom into silence. Some students will shift uncomfortably in their seats. Some may be counting the minutes until this digression ends. Some will laugh. One or two may be transfixed. One might even be transformed.

Template:Use British English. Template:Infobox single. It became a number-one hit on the UK Singles Chart , and stayed at the position for four weeks. The song is Bush's biggest hit to date, and appears on her debut album, The Kick Inside. The B-side of the single was another song by Bush, named " Kite " — hence the kite imagery on the record sleeve. It is No.

Kate Bush fans re-enact Wuthering Heights video

Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights (Lyrics) New Vocals

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Song written by Kate Bush, released as her debut single in January Reportedly, she wrote the song within the space of just a few hours late at night. The actual date of writing is estimated to be March 5, Lyrically, "Wuthering Heights" uses several quotations from Catherine Earnshaw, most notably in the chorus - "Let me in! I'm so cold! This romantic scene takes a sinister turn if one has read Chapter 3 of the original book, as Catherine is in fact a ghost, calling lovingly to Heathcliff from beyond the grave. Catherine's "icy" ghost grabs the hand of the Narrator, Mr Lockwood, through the bedroom window, asking him to let her in, so she can be forgiven by her lover Heathcliff, and freed from her own personal purgatory.

"Wuthering Heights" is a song by Kate Bush released as her debut single in November and re-released in January It appears on her debut .
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